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Thursday, October 24th, 2024

TOPIC 2: How large Institutions deal with media/journalists

The media are the mouthpiece for the progress achieved by health institutions. How can this relationship, not always simple, be improved?


Ichc Img Ponent Isabelle Jourdan 1000x1000

Isabelle Jourdan

Head of corporate communications at AP-HP

Ichc Img Ponent Javier Granda 1000x1000

Javier Granda

Spanish Health journalist

Ichc Img Ponent Valeria Roman 1000x1000

Valeria Román

Infobae, Argentina

Ichc Img Ponent Madeleine Svard Huss 1000x1000

Madeleine Svärd Huss

Communications Department, Karolinska Institutet​

Ichc Img Ponent Koen Wauters 1000x1000

Koen Wauters

VRT National Radio & TV​