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Friday, October 25th, 2024

TOPIC 6: How to face Communication Crisis

It never fails, the day always comes when a healthcare institution must face a communication crisis. Although it sounds like a cliché, a crisis can be an opportunity to demonstrate communication muscle and safeguard the recovery of the institution.


Ichc Img Ponent Fran Garcia Morales 1000x1000

Fran Garcia Morales

Head of Communication, Corporate Strategy, and Citizen Engagement at Vall d'Hebron Campus


Ichc Img Ponent Lars Elgard 1000x1000

Lars Elgård Pedersen

Head of Media Relations Communication Department Aarhus University Hospital​

Ichc Img Ponent Oscar Franco 1000x1000

Oscar H. Franco

Professor & Director Public Health, Chair Healthy Living, UMCUtrecht, Utrecht University, Adjunct Prof. Harvard University

Ichc Img Ponent Anne Lemaitre 1000x1000

Ann Lemaître

Senior Press Officer at UZ Leuven